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Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Leadership Conference  
Sheraton Hotel, Toronto, ON - June 5-7, 2015

    All Aboard! 
    Creating our Own Roadmap to Change

Thematic Conference Report
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Conference Presentations:
Welcome - Leading Change: Understanding the Stages of a Successful Transformation *      **
Andre Cote       
Sterile Compounding in the Hospital Setting - Danielle Fagnan  *
Integration of Information: Sharing a Train of Thought - Pegi Rappaport  *
Crossing the Transitions of Care through Information Integration - Dr. Robyn Tamblyn  *      
Planning your Pharmacist Workforce in a Time of Budgetary Constraint - Andre Bonnici  *    **
Technician Regulation in Ontario: Challenges and Lessons Learned - Mario Bedard  *
‘Headline News’ Recap - Jean-Francois Bussieres
A Walk Down Memory Lane - Ron McKerrow  *
Notable Findings from the 2013/14 Directors’ Survey - Chuck Wilgosh  *
Notable Findings from the 2013/14 Front-Line Pharmacists’ Survey  *
Kevin Hall, Jean-Francois Bussieres
Notable Findings from the 2013/14 Front-Line Technicians’ Survey - Kyle MacNair  *
Notable Findings from ‘Future Trends in Hospital Pharmacy Practice’ Surveys  *
Jean-Francois Bussieres,  Kevin Hall
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